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Oriental Spirit Therapies


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Oriental Spirit Therapies is a peaceful massage and treatment space created with love and light. As you step inside our therapy room and you will feel a world away from the stresses of everyday life.


We offer a wide range of holistic treatments and the support of an experienced therapist so that you, the client, can reach a state of wellbeing and feel better in your mind, body and soul.


We will first discuss how you are feeling and what injuries or issues you may be dealing with so that the treatment is tailored to the particular needs of your body and mind. By receiving the most appropriate treatment for you, you will be on the way to attaining an optimum state of physical, mental and spiritual health.


Our holistic therapies, some of which use crystals and reiki, will help to align your body and mind, returning you to your natural state of harmony and balance whilst stimulating the body’s natural capacity for healing.


Oriental Spirit Therapies brings an open loving heart to this work of helping others – it’s our life’s work and passion!